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Yangyin Luo

I am a Java engineer with website development, Experience in developing web sites and deploying management. Life is a continuous learning process, so work makes me more rigorous, struggle makes my life more colorful. Like to get to know all kinds of friends.

My Career

Mai Yaxin

Now I'm at Mai Yaxin, Use java development website, And contact with a lot of outsourcing projects and the use of a wide range of Technology.

Apr. 2016
Python Developer

Pig bear Technology

In the second year of the pig bear, I served as head of the Java project, To enhance their own technical experience and management experience.

Nov. 2014
Java Developer

Domain of the sky

Here, I started working with business projects, servers, operating systems, And begin to be familiar with the process of website development to server deployment.

May. 2014
Java Developer


At Mar 2013, I graduated from Vocational Training College and started my IT technology tour.

Mar. 2013

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